India and more

We believe that the characteristic of genuine extravagance isn't the fantastic motion yet the basic things gotten along nicely.

Where do I start? An inquiry frequently posed to by most first people who goes back and forth through time to India. Anything that could be anticipated or envisioned, this is a country, which never neglects to shock the initial time guest. The response lies in the variety that India brings to the table. Is it exemplary culture that you are searching for? What about snow-cleaned mountains and sun-washed sea shores? Maybe a date with a tiger in one of our few public parks is on your list of things to get. What about stylish shopping, astonishing eateries and programming - surremo urban communities.

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Identifying great experiences

The possibilities are endless... and at times confusing.

The possibilities are endless... and at times confusing. This is where Architect Occasions steps in... Recognizing extraordinary encounters and where to track down them. We will call you, ask you inquiries, grasp your assumptions and furnish you with the right data and add those extremely exceptional contacts that will improve your India experience. We are aware of latest possible moment amendments and changes in the program and are adaptable and creative in the event of any. At Fashioner Occasions, every guest is considered as our own visitor.

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India and Beyond

One Contact, Four Destinations

UCH portfolio now includes 3 additional destinations - Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. UCH is proud to be considered one of the foremost Destination Management Company’s (DMC) concentrating on specialized and unique programs in India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. At UCH, we realize that no traveller, wishes to be treated like a member of a “group” and we take pride in welcoming and serving all our passengers as individual guests. We offer special touches, surprise gifts, friendly and helpful staff, to make our guests feel at home.

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Ground Handling Expertise

We will go out of our way to unearth it.

A decent mix of clean, trustworthiness, respectability and realness. Being real is tied in with needing. Our rules simply gets more extensive. We like to accept that our administration resembles synchronized swimming. We can recognize and make an encounter and give data. We really need to give more. Dealing with the ground activities in nations like India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal is boundlessly not quite the same as some other country on the planet. Furthermore, we value offering specific information upheld by long periods of involvement with working and taking care of grand projects.

A decent DMC should be personally acquainted with the ways and characteristics of the objective; we have laid out and cordial associations with the travel industry specialists, we comprehend the approaches to managing the frequently overwhelming organizations of the objective. Understanding the functional requirements of the client is vital. As a DMC we are adaptable and creative in the event of any somewhat late corrections and changes in the program.